Artist statement

Mixed-media artist and sculptor, my work is clearly figurative and highly expressionist. Primary inspiration comes from the street. Human beings interest me. Capturing the rhythm of life, the movement in the shadows is the first step. What is it I can remove that does not alter the meaning of the movement, of the mood, of the gesture? It is always a question of balance.

I play with perception. I try to capture something beyond what is visually presented. I dare. A twist to reality with a sense of humour.

I have been developing an oeuvre by experimenting with various media, including recycled items. All my sculptures can be produced in bronze. In France, I work with the art founder Susse Fondeur ( and Fonderie Deroyaume (


Each year, I participate to severals shows and have one solo exhibition. Since 2007, galerie Geraldine Banier, 54 rue Jacob, Paris 6th represents my work and organises a show per year. My sculptures are in private and public collections in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.
Every year I take part in charities and donate time and work for causes I fight for.